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We offer voice-overs in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and numerous other languages.


Voice-over involves recording speech over the original language, whereby the underlying original sound remains slightly audible. This form of voice recording is used mainly for documentaries, reports, and features. Classically, such recordings are made with one leading male or a female voice and a variable number of male and female supporting voices. But, in contrast to the voice-over recording, the original commentary track is completely replaced. The actors orient themselves on the character and diction of the protagonists, but any emotions are voiced in moderation.

In a voice-over recording the original sound must be fully audible for a few seconds at the start and at the end of the passage. The translation must allow the narrator sufficient time to convey its full content to the viewer.

The commentary is usually factual and neutral. Unless expressly desired, dramatic wording in the original version is not taken over.

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